All in all, a better day.


  • Up at 6am. Out of the house by 6:30. On the train at 6:45. In London by 7:30 and into a black cab.
  • Noted like 10 sets of media outlets broadcasting outside of Buckingham Palace. Bloody vultures.


  • Sooo, I ended up apologising to my team lead for getting passive aggressive in chat. Which was fair, as there was nothing passive about it! 馃榿
  • I was sure to tell him that I get quite frustrated at last minute changes to long established plans, and that the appearance of it all with his not attending meetings is that he’s out of the loop. He seemed to accept that and agreed to have weekly or twice weekly one-to-ones. Should we need to? No. But I’ll take the small win.
  • The topic changed to the tooling we use. Terraform / OpenTofu being my preference - which I don’t think he’s ever going to accept - but we have a meeting with senior corporate people tomorrow to discuss. And I’ve already raised the issue with them directly. We’ll see how that goes.
  • And finally, the WAF drama from yesterday is totally up in the air again. They may decide to go with Cloudfare. I don’t know or care as both solutions are good. And at this stage I just want someone to make a choice.

After Work

  • Found out our consultancy supplier was going around claiming I said that Terraform was going to be forced. A misunderstanding?
  • Also found out that the consultancy supplier is pushing for a few of us to not be renewed. They really don’t like being challeged and held to account! Didn’t upset me at all. Please don’t threaten us with a good time! :-D