A mixed bag over the last few days.


  • I managed to get past a bit I was stuck on in Baldur’s Gate 3 . Namely the battle with Cazador, the secret was to bring Astarian, but leave him high up on the stairs until the last second.
  • Coming out of that fight, and after a long rest, I decided to take on Raphael and his 666hp in his House of Hope. That battle was epic. The music! OMGs. Raphael actually sings!


  • Calling this a bad day would be an understatement.
  • Our team lead isn’t able to make our morning standup sessions, nor sprint planning, nor sprint retros, nor end-of-day catchup.
  • He won’t communicate or answer questions on Teams.
  • Him and our project manager regularly try to discredit me and two other team members in meetings.
  • His own work is invisible for the more part. We don’t know what he does day to day or why.
  • Probably due to the lack of communication, he’ll wait until we’ve spent days working on tasks before canning them publicly.
  • Today, he did it to me yet again after I worked at the weekend to get an Azure WAF running in development, they suddenly asked for it not be put into production. Then had the nerve to ask me to come into the office and discuss it for no particular reason. Great. I’ll spend £170 to come in for one meeting, waste 3 hours commuting, and talk to no one else in the office outsite of Teams - all so they can try to make me lose my temper and give them something to complain about.
  • The missus noted that I’m too old for this shit - and I agree - but I do hate letting them win. It’s wearing me down mentally and physically.

The Blog

  • This whole web server and blog are now running in a handful of containers running via docker-compose, on a AWS EC2 Spot server that could shut down at any moment. But when it is recreated, it should rebuild everything automatically.
  • Even better, all the configuration is stored in a Github repo that’s pulled every 5 minutes so I can control everything with Git.