What’s a Now Page?

“Now” pages are inspired by Derek Sivers. They attempt to answer the question: “What is this person focused on at this exact point in their life?” Whist all the masses of information above tell you what I’ve done, they don’t tell you what I’m doing now, what I’m going to do, nor what’s important to me. You can find hundreds of examples of these (including mine) on nownownow.com .

What am I doing now? (updated Apr/2024)

  • I’m currently living in Newbury, Berkshire, UK, and married now for 30 years. My youngest daughter’s moved BACK IN after splitting with her partner, so myself and the missus lost our empty nesters status. I also lost my beautiful office and tidy house at the same time.

  • I’ve been running my own company, Cloud Cauldron, as a consultant cloud architect / devops engineer / platform engineer for more than seven years now. My last contract finished about a month ago so I’m on the looking for a new gig. It’s - taking a while to find anything. The market is sluggish.

  • Frankly, my focus at this point in life (I’m 51 years old), is the missus. Every day I feel time taking a bite of me and I don’t know if I’ll be here 20 years down the road, so, I want to spend time with her and go on adventures more than anything else. We’re heading to Odessa, Texas at the end of May to help my parents with some stuff, will have a break somewhere in August, and have our eldest daughter’s wedding in Scotland at the end of September.