Out Again

Seems we need go somewhere, every. single. weekend. I asked last weekend if we could avoid going anywhere on the coming Saturday. But this morning, Kiera and Cheri appeared with a Star Bar bribe and suggested we go to Reading for lunch.

I’m too easy to bribe.

We ended up in Reading yet again and going to TGI Fridays. I ordered nachos and they arrived cold and fuzed together like a brick. I hate complaining in such establishments but I sent them back and ordered a mexican salad, but when that came it wasn’t very nice at all.

On the way back to Newbury we stopped at Starbucks and my usual matcha vanilla frappachino didn’t seem to have any vanilla - so that sucked too.


Once we made it home, I added vanilla and milk into my drink and made it nice, but then promptly knocked it onto the floor as I put the shopping away.

So, a rubbish day all round and only got a bit better when I made a nice sandwitch for dinner.