It’s Been 40 Days Since My Last Contract Finished

Yeah, getting worried now. I had my 1st interview only last week. The agent finally called with news today and they went with someone who lived more locally. Fair, I guess - but I wouldn’t have minded the odd trip to Leeds.

Best of luck to them. The search continues!


My youngest daughter needed a picture of herself from when she was a baby. She’s 28 and almost no one had digital cameras back then so I took a physical photo from a framed photo to get a copy with my phone.

Inside the frame, behind her, was a photo of my biological dad. The only one I ever took in our lives. He was about 40 in it, but he died in 2019 having just turned 65. I’m 51 now. Made my already stressy day a little bit worse.

Anyway, I bought a new picture frame from Amazon for it.