Last Day in the Office

On Tuesday, I made my way into office one last time to give back my company laptop, give back my locker key, and most importantly to get my Ergodox EZ mechanical keyboard and sexy Logitech MX Master 3S back.

Out of interest, I stayed just long enough to sit in an all-hands meeting to hear the CEO talk about the direction and history of the company. I liked this place and their mission a lot. It’s a shame they let snake oil salesmen effectively run their own company. Had several slice of pizza from the lunch they laid on, said goodbye to Andy and Petronella, hailed a taxi on the Strand, and made my way back to Paddington, then home.

Dune 2

Later that evening, I went out with my eldest daughter Ashley, and her fiance to see Dune 2. I always buy the tickets, food, and drink mostly as I like the company. It was an absolute masterpiece! Really enjoyed it, although it ended on more of a cliffhanger than I expected compared with the original 80s movie. Hopefully, there will be a third.