Excellent Friday!

Both Thursday and Friday were bloody excellent days at work. We had both a marketing site, and a new application site going live and everyone was too busy working hard to do any politics.

I ended up picking up the bulk of the work and crushed the tasks that needed to be done. Didn’t go unnoticed.

On Friday a new person appeared on our standup. Someone to replace the shill the big consultancy put in place to control narratives. Look forward to filling him in next week.

Brighton Tattoo Convention

The yongest daughter and I slipped out of the house Saturnday morning at 8:30 headed down to Brighton. We got there and stood outside in the pouring freezing rain for 15 minutes waiting to get into the Brighton Tattoo Convention before meeting with my eldest daughter and her partner.

I didn’t really know what to expect as I haven’t ever been to one but it was a fun day nevertheless. We found a place doing tiny ants as filler tattoos and booked a spot for 2pm, but - the time rolled around and they were behind. Said, come back in an hour. We did. They were still behind. Waited 20 more minutes and they said to come back in another half hour. Told them to forget it. I won’t bother trying that again. As I say though, it was a positive experience over all though. We ended up having a nice late lunch at a place on the seaside.

Now, on the flip side - Gods! - I hate the Brighton Centre. A raging craphole firmly fixed in the 1980s where there’s barely any signal so many places require cash. Who the heck wants to carries cash here in post-covid 21st centure. Even more reason not to do that again in Brighton.


Look, Windows laptops are for people who don’t care about or even don’t understand technology. I haven’t owned a laptop with windows in like a decade. I won’t even take a role where I’d be forced to use a Windows laptop as that’s a major red flag.

But I came across a great article about how to strip out the entire world of intrusive shite that Microsoft pours into Windows 11 these day. It continues to amaze me how people just accept that hot mess as the way it is.