Friday @ Work

Expecting the usual post full of complaint about how shite work is? Not today! So, on Friday, my team lead was off sick. So, who does everyone rely on? That’ll be me. Who solved all their problems. Me again. Who did they complain about my team lead to? You guessed it! Me again! So, labour-wise, an excellent day!

NubeGo / Stackzone

I poked my consultancy on Friday, trying to prep them I guess for me not being renewed. I got back such a great response that I considered perhaps I’m seeing this all wrong:

Hi Chris. Sorry to hear it’s political with --redacted big consultancy--. It’s
exactly this type of lock in that --redacted company-- is wary of. I did speak
to --redacted senior manager-- earlier this week to discuss timely renewal of
your contract.  --redacted senior manager-- is very much of the view that he
will be extending the contract and is very happy with the work you are doing
(more than happy!).

I will follow up with --redacted company name-- to make sure your renewal is
being progressed.  Hope that helps.

Needless to say, that makes me fell a LOT better about this whole experience. I won’t count my chickens before they’re hatched but I’m terribly grateful for the support. In the evening, the missus fancied a Chinese meal. Our usual place close down months ago so we decided to go back out and try the local Chinese buffet. Sweet baby jebus! We won’t do that again! It wasn’t pleasant at all.


The missus and I slipped off for a quick bite at Las Iguanas. Delicious as always but we were next to a tables of loud children (Mid-20-ish people). Enjoyed it still!


As per every single Sunday, the missus and I popped up to the mother-in-law’s resting place. The trees are starting to bud and her plot is looking good. For a change, it looks like we picked good flowers that the Muntjac deer won’t eat. The rest of the day was filled with food shopping and prepping for a super delicious “One Pot Smanish Chicken” we found here:

It ended being really good - but I over-cooked the chicken breast. When it says to brown them, it really means it.